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About Us

We have extensive experience of photographing works on canvas, paper and other two-dimensional materials. Our high resolution images can reveal the smallest technical detail, allowing viewers to appreciate the strength and dynamism of the artist’s creative process at close quarters.

We use the latest Hasselblad medium format digital cameras capable of shooting 200MP files, producing a 650MB image. With the latest Multi-shot technology; enabling us to capture still-life subjects to that every element is recorded in accurate detail and true colour resolution.

We also specialise in reproducing flat copy artwork. Our extensive knowledge of colour profiles and CMYK conversion makes for exact translation between screen and print.

We use the latest photo editing and colour-correction spectrophotographic software throughout the process of our work, from the photographing of the subject, through post-production editing and printing. Using our in-house spectrophotometer and colour checking software we can perfectly profile each individual print to the ideal colour space on a wide range of papers.

Using state of the art ink-jet printers including the Epson SC9000V we are able to produce prints which perfectly translate the colour and precision of the artwork. Utilising the latest in Epson Ultra Chrome HDX Inks – Epson’s most accurate inks to date.