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Nick Bibby

Product Image - Red Deer Stags "The Duel" Print

Nick’s sculpture is imbued with such life and character. His affection for his chosen subjects shines out for all to see. It is truly rare to find an artist with such a talent. The ‘Bibby’ sculptural style, whilst very definitely figurative (to Nick’s eye, all his subjects are beautiful and he strives to recreate that beauty) he is quite unique in his approach.

Fascinated by both form and detail he models with a fluidity and energy that few can equal, simultaneously and effortlessly combining that energy with a jewel-like attention to detail, resulting in sculptures that look as though they live and breathe.

Both the sculptures and Steve Russell’s exquisite photography of those sculptures are beautiful works of art, be they bird, animal, or human. With subjects ranging from small to monumental, Nick’s work is owned and admired by an ever growing number of collectors, including royalty, politicians and business leaders, diplomats, famous authors, artists, actors and musicians.

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Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a self-taught artist who works predominantly in gouache, pastel and pencil as well as occasionally creating works in acrylic on canvas. Her work covers many themes, ranging from marine environments to urban landscapes in addition to botanical still lifes and animal studies.

Water is often a vital element within Amanda’s work, as she loves the interplay of movement, colour and light that it creates. Amanda was a member of the Great Britain synchronised swimming team for nine years and from this time she has developed an instinctive understanding of the quality of water and how it behaves.

In Amanda’s most recent works, she has begun to explore creating images ‘at night’ and examine how the darkness can contrast with and enhance colour to create both vibrant and atmospheric images.

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Ashley Hatton

The art of landscape photography has fascinated many, from imposing mountains to never ending plains, capturing a landscape has a sort of pride attached to it, where one conquers and subsequently captures an ever changing world. A moment of time is trapped within a snapshot, and is now fixed within the history of time. We give gravity to these places and landscapes, those that channel the sublime, those that inspire us and those that remind us. We strive to capture this moment, and the feelings associated with it. These are the landscapes Ashley Hatton creates, ones that conjure up a time, a place, a memory.

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Liz Willis

Liz started out as a Theatre Designer, having trained at St Martin’s School of Art and Wimbledon School of Art. Her theatre design career quickly morphed into a career as an interior designer in London, and then into the business world, where her creativity has been put to good use in becoming a published author and creating award-winning personal development courses.

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