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At Rest

£100.00 inc. VAT

Boats at Passage East, Ireland

The reflections in the water are really important in creating this picture. I wanted to show not only the boats being reflected on to the surface of the water, but also the sunlight bouncing off the surface to create patterns of light on the hull. I also wanted to show the diversity in the sea’s colour from the blues closer to the open water, to the greens and browns of the more stagnant water closer to the walls.

A4 unframed Giclee Print print with a plain border, individually signed by the artist and embossed with the Steve Russell Studios stamp of authenticity. Individually printed in a numbered limited edition of 20.

Delivery: Due to each print being made to order and individually signed by the artist, please allow up to 3 weeks for your print to be delivered. In the case of pre-orders customers should expect delivery 3 weeks from release date. Framed prints are only available for delivery by contacting us directly.


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