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Bloodhound (Trailfinder Fortitude)

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Champion Bloodhound, Trailfinder Fortitude

The Bloodhound is one of our oldest dog breeds, so old in fact that no one really knows its origin. It probably originated from the Mastiff type hounds of ancient Mesopotamia, which later developed into the two breeds of hound common in early medieval England. These were the Talbot which was white, and the Dunne which was tan; whilst simultaneously a breed of hound was developed in the Ardennes to hunt deer. They were largely black in colour and much prized for their scenting capabilities. Some were brought here by William the Conqueror and bred with the indigenous Talbots and Dunnes, the resulting mixture being the ancestors of the present day Bloodhound. The modern Bloodhound is a large affectionate hound, famed for its exceptional sense of smell and instantly recognisable by its distinctive, rather haughty look.

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