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British Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500)

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A Pretty Pig!

Champion British Lop Pig – Liskeard Sunshine 500

“Sunshine” was the first subject in my series of British Champion Animals. Living in Devon, I felt that my first animal should be a local West Country breed, preferably a rare breed. I like pigs and since the rarest of British pig breeds is the British Lop, a West Country breed originating around Tavistock, I decided to look for a champion British Lop.

The British Lop breed society describes these pigs as, “Large, long, pigs derive from the old white Celtic pigs of Cornwall, Ireland and Wales. The head is of medium length, wide and smooth, with long leaf-shaped ears, covering the eyes and reaching to the tip of the nose, or just beyond. The back is long and level, wide shouldered; the body deep, with well-sprung ribs; a wide, strong loin, broad, deep hams and medium length legs. The tail is carried high. Skin is a pale pinkish white, covered in fine silky white hair. The breed produces excellent pork and bacon, being well muscled and lean. They are good natured, self-sufficient, hardy and easily managed, the sows being excellent mothers.” What they don't say is that they are beautiful!

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