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Kodiak Brown Bear (Indomitable – Miniature, Silver)

£90.00£240.00 inc. VAT

A Miniature Monumental Bear

The creation of the 15 foot, monumental bronze sculpture, “Indomitable“, depicting a  10 1/2 foot, life-size Kodiak Brown Bear, began with the sculpting of a 1/5th scale Maquette. This jewel-like Silver Miniature is an exact, 4 1/4 inch high copy of that maquette.

The sculpting and casting of the full-size Indomitable was a massive undertaking, requiring the talents of Nick and over 100 skilled workers at Pangolin Editions foundry, to bring to reality – Though tiny in comparison, this silver Miniature of the life-size Kodiak Brown Bear, still gives a real sense of the  power and majesty of his 'big brother'.

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