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Scottish Blackface Sheep (Moortown JJ)

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Champion Scottish Blackface Ram, Moortown JJ

Every May I like to go to to my local Devon County Show. On this occasion as I walked past the sheep pens, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the most magnificent Scottish Blackface Sheep I had ever seen. A veritable mountain of wool surmounted by a strong noble head – this was Moortown JJ.

Scottish Blackface Sheep are a hardy, horned breed, thriving in hill country. Medium sized, white-wooled, with black marked faces and legs, they probably developed from a rough wooled, blackfaced, horned sheep that predates modern history. There are several regional variations, from the large framed, long wooled Perthshire to the more refined, lighter framed and short wooled Newton Stewart. JJ is a Perthshire.

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