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Suffolk Punch Horse (Euston Malachite)

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A True Champion Suffolk

I have loved Suffolk Punch horses ever since I first saw pictures of one, as a young boy in County Durham. To paraphrase HRH Princess Anne in her foreword to, “The Suffolk Punch. An Illustrated History of the Breed” – “The Suffolk Punch is among the noblest of British breeds of horse; containing all the physical attributes essential to a good working horse – style, symmetry and strength, with a good nature and placid temperament”. A view I wholeheartedly share!

The Suffolk Punch is the oldest breed of heavy horse in Great Britain. Camden’s Britannia states that the Suffolk horse dates back to 1506 and most believe that even then it had a distinctive character. It is certainly mentioned as a pure breed by 1770. All Suffolks alive today trace their male lines back to one stallion, a horse called Crisp’s Horse of Ufford, foaled in 1768.

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