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Traditional Hereford Bull (Street Talbot) I

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Champion Traditional Hereford Bull, Street Talbot

The Hereford is one of the most important cattle breeds in British livestock history and one of the most widespread and respected breeds in the world; but the  Traditional Hereford, parent to the modern Hereford, is now a minority breed.

The Traditional Hereford is a compact, beefy, short-legged animal. The coat is deep red in colour with white on the belly, brisket, legs, shoulder stripe and tail switch, just like his modern counterpart. Herefords are instantly recognisable by their white face, which has become their trademark. I resolved to track down a Traditional Hereford; so I contacted David Powell, Chairman of the Traditional Hereford Breeders Club, who invited me over to his farm near Much Marcle to see his champion bull, Street Talbot.

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